Big cities have more microloans – House money

According to statistics, the larger the population in the city, the more microloans issued in this village. This confirms that the microfinance market is becoming more reliable and in demand. Once it was thought that only people with small incomes take microloans, now, the MFI is another place where you can get additional funding.

Growth in demand is constantly increasing

Recent studies show that in large cities of the country demand for microloans is not just more (it’s understandable: more people, more services), but the growth in demand is constantly increasing. In seven cities, which are among the ten most wealthy in the country this year, there is an increased demand for microloans.

Top three occupied Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Three of these cities account for just over a quarter of all microloans issued in the country. They are followed by Tyumen, Sochi, Kazan and Surgut.

Open loans in their hands and the easiest way

It is believed that the more people earn, the more they need to receive additional funding, and as soon as possible. Many consumers have open loans in their hands and the easiest way is for them to contact an MFI than to explain to the bank why they need another loan. Also, there is a percentage of the population that initially chooses a microloan, and not a bank loan.

The goal of a microloan

Only in the last month in the above-mentioned cities, people scored microloans for almost 200 million rubles. At the same time, many people indicate in the column “the goal of a microloan” not urgent needs in the form of payment for treatment or car repairs, but the purchase of household appliances or travel expenses.