Big cities have more microloans – House money

According to statistics, the larger the population in the city, the more microloans issued in this village. This confirms that the microfinance market is becoming more reliable and in demand. Once it was thought that only people with small incomes take microloans, now, the MFI is another place where you can get additional funding. Growth […]

Foreign currency loans make property owners bogus

Since the onset of the global financial crisis, the value of the Swiss franc is on the rise. In recent weeks, the Swiss currency has experienced a particularly strong increase in value: More and more investors flee from the US dollar and the euro – most of the funds are exchanged in Swiss francs. This […]

Loan claim and its definition

Who concludes a home savings contract, receives by the regular saving a loan claim, so a claim to a low-interest loan. This claim is not only firmly anchored in the contract but is also legally anchored for all home loan savers. Interest rate applies for the entire term of the loan The loan interest rate […]

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